The objective of the group "The ECB and Its Watchers Circle of Friends" is to enable the GMMA to support the successful realization of the annual The ECB and Its Watchers conference series. 

Current members of the group include:

  • Katharina Utermöhl, Allianz SE
  • Ulrich Kater, Deka
  • Gertjan Vlieghe, Element Capital
  • Dirk Schumacher, Natixis
  • Jörg Zeuner, Union Investment
  • Elga Bartsch, BlackRock
  • Sylvain Broyer, S&P Global
  • Prof. Volker Wieland, Ph.D., IMFS

The coordinator of the group is Prof. Volker Wieland who can be contacted via circleoffriends[at]ecbwatchers[dot]eu.